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to be as readable as possible. This page contains all possible syntax you may use when editing the page... texts. Of course you can **__//''combine''//__** all these. DokuWiki supports **bold**, //italic//,... exts. Of course you can **__//''combine''//__** all these. You can use <sub>subscript</sub> and <sup... out it. You should use forced newlines only if really needed. ===== Links ===== DokuWiki supports mu
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objective is the coordination and the transfer of all the research done at INRIA which can be applied t... vehicles of the (near) future which will have totally automated driving capabilities. A cooperation is... en Institute (Japan),... ===== Scenarios ===== All of our scenarios are defined by answering the fol... safe distance control, speed control and most of all (the hardest), obstacle avoidance. | | {{:wiki:
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ch function]]. An example: If you want to include all files ending on ''.txt'' in the folder ''some/pat... parameters]] below). Analogue to this, to include all jpeg media files in '':some:namespace'', you'd us... into the filesystem or Dokuwiki media namespaces. All paths are checked against a whitelist of allowed ... via the [[#configuration|configuration setting ''allowed_absolute_paths'']]). Paths which are not loca
A New Benchmark for the Energy-Constrained Fastest Path with Waypoints (EFP+W) Problem: 7 Hits
tant speed. The best path should minimize the overall vehicle travel duration while satisfying the afor... n, function of speed** Coordinates : * horizontally rightwards (5 to 100) : speed (kilometers per hour) * vertically upwards (5 to 30) : consumption (liters per 100 kilometers) Parameters : * F0 (... peed and static flow** Coordinates : * horizontally right&frontwards (5 to 100) : speed (kilometers
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to have a versatile server, ''tweety'', which finally worked himself to death. Its replacement is a brand new computer called ''fylvestre'' (because fylvestre is always chasing tweety). It tends to pro... '/srv/www'', and are ''g+rw imara'', meaning that all the team can read and modify them when logged in ... nria's webservers (as [[documentation:publicSites|all the other the public sites]]). Doing otherwise wo
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ndexmenu>NS#1|js navbar max#3#2}} <snippet> |:!: All the syntax options can be easily accessed with th... he tree has to be open.| If it's not defined then all namespaces are open, if ''//0//'' or ''//1//'' th... paces|namespaces]].| If **n** is not defined then all namespaces are open, if ''//0//'' they are closed... is an expandable tree menu. | Without //**n**//, all nodes are open, with it, nodes are open till //**
Traffic Lights Recognition (TLR) public benchmarks: 6 Hits
icles:c3|C3 vehicle]], camera sensor [[ Ground Truth we chose to distribute our files in all the main formats: GT (text formatting), [[http://... 3. (read on [[|IEEEXplore]] - [[http://port... 8. (read on [[|IEEEXplore]] - [[http://por
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<snippet> {{gallery>:caor}} The syntax is as follows. A basic gallery can be added by selecting a [[:namespaces|namespace]] like this: {{gallery>namespace}} All imagefiles in the selected namespace will be added to the image gallery. Instead of using a whole namespace of images, you can also sp... ombined with the lightbox mode (see below). {{gallery>namespace:someimage.jpg}} The created gallery
Cycab videos: 5 Hits
various computer techniques to move them automatically. In 1994, a concept of platooning has been demon... s with one single driver. In 1997, a new vehicle called the CyCab, designed specifically for car-free c... rely under computer control and can be driven manually with a joystick, or can be driven automatically ... ic transportation system is based on a fleet of small electric vehicles specifically designed for zones
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port in these communicating technologies, it is challenging to guarantee high quality in vehicle-to... stributed Traffic Applications}, booktitle = {Challenges in Ad Hoc Networking}, publisher = {Spring... y sampled GPS probe vehicle data provided by a small percentage of vehicles. Trac signals, stop si... highway trac conditions. To address these challenges, we propose a statistical modeling framework
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ist#flags]] | optional | This displays a list of all pages that contain the given category tag. The list is sorted alphabetically by page ID. You can also prepend the modifiers ''+'' and ''-''. ''+'' cr... the tag following the ''+'' (AND), ''-'' removes all pages tagged with the given tag from the list of ... ample: * ''%%{{topic>tag1 -tag2}}%%'' -- Lists all pages tagged with tag1 but not with tag2. * ''%
Missions at INRIA: 4 Hits
rmations_pratiques/chancellerie/mission.php|daily allowance here]] or [[ reimbursed up to 60€. - You have to **arrange all receipts on paper sheets**: train and plane ticke... used to fill in in the past). It is a summary of all the documents that you returned at the end of the mission. - Bring all the following to [[users:chantalchazelas]] * all //original// receipts
B2, A Compact Self-Balancing Two-Wheeled Vehicle: 4 Hits
i:old:public: research:b2:b2_face.jpg?200}} Originally conceived within the [[ mpact and maneuverable machine. The B2 is mechanically simple which reduces manufacturing cost while al... c:research:b2:b2_back.jpg?200 }} The B2 is dynamically balanced by feedback control which make use of t... nize their tasks and share the control loads optimally. This is possible by use of a software developme
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arch ====== The LARA team research subject cover all the technical elements which can lead to a better... an Commission. The technological agenda concerns all the elements of what is now considered as ITS (In... ers to the mechanical parts of the vehicles using all the information raised by the sensors. For exampl... ortation means, e.g. metro, taxi, bus, etc. The challenge to the community and for the research is to p
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