{T}owards {H}ighly {A}utomated {D}riving: {I}ntermediate report on the {HAVE}it-{J}oint {S}ystem

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    abstract = { {T}his overview article describes the goals, concepts and very preliminary results of the subproject {J}oint {S}ystem within the {EU}-project {HAVE}it. {T}he goal of {HAVE}it is to develop and investigate vehicle automation beyond {ADAS} systems, especially highly automated driving, where the automation is doing a high percentage of the driving, while the driver is still meaningfully involved in the driving task. {I}n {HAVE}it, an overarching architecture and several prototypes will be built up over time by manufacturers and suppliers. {A}s a trail blazer, a {J}oint {S}ystem prototype is under development by an interdisciplinary team of several {E}uropean research institutes in order to investigate and demonstrate the basic principles of highly automated driving, which will then be gradually applied to vehicles closer to serial production. {S}tarting with sensor data fusion, the {C}o-{S}ystem part of the {J}oint {S}ystems plans manoeuvres and trajectories, which are then used to control active interfaces and, taking into account the results of an online driver assessment, joined with the actions of the driver. {W}hile many aspects of this research undertaking are still under investigation, the concept, a first prototype and first results from a simulator evaluation will be sketched. },
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