Evaluation of Collective Taxi Systems by Discrete-Event Simulation

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@inproceedings { LCLF2010c,
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    note = { Best paper award; to appear in IARIA journal },
    abstract = { When considering the need for an intelligent  transportation mode based upon the fact that car travel is  still the consumer’s first choice, we decided to explore the  idea of collective taxis more fully. More precisely, we are  seeking to provide an autonomous high quality door-to-door  service, affordable by almost everyone, covering the entire  urban area simply by allocating in an optimal way more than  one passenger to each vehicle and using the latest available  information regarding traffic condition etc. We intend to  operate intensive discrete event simulations testing multiple  policies, for both centralised and decentralised management,  with a fine tuning of intelligent real-time decision algorithms  all together with off-line resource optimisation. Thus we shall  be able to learn the system behaviour and consequently to  provide an optimised structure allowing an the best behaviour  for every possible demand level and geometry as well as the  associated costs. },
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