On Provisioning High Quality in Intelligent Transportation Services

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@inproceedings { ICECS,
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    organization = { IEEE },
    abstract = { A multi-homed vehicular mobile network uses different wireless and radio  communication technologies to reach the Internet through multiple routing  paths. Because of network mobility and lack of reliable quality-of-service  (QoS) support in these communicating technologies, it is challenging to  guarantee high quality in vehicle-to-infrastructure communications. This  paper introduces a QoS architecture which inter-operates with NEtwork  MObility Basic Support Protocol (NEMO-BSP) [1] to guarantee QoS  required for vehicular mobile networks. We evaluate a novel policy to  support resource reservation for mobile networks. Besides, we define a  probing mechanism based on IPv6 messages and traffic load estimation at  mobile routers and home agent to enable NEMOs choose the most optimal  egress routing path to reach Internet. Intelligent transportation service  providers (ITSPs) can deploy this proposed QoS architecture to realize  Service Level Agreements (SLAs) based on QoS negotiation with NEMOs or  quality in provisioned multimedia services for on-board users. },
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