LaRA - La Route Automatisée

Some of LaRA's work. Unfortunately, you need Flash to see it.

LaRA, standing for La Route Automatisée (the Automated Road) is a Joint Research Unit (JRU) associating INRIA's project-team IMARA, Mines ParisTech's CAOR and LIVIC. Our teams of researchers, engineers and technicians have been working together for more than 10 years on the development, integration and experimentation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in order to improve road transport. We are involved in numerous projects financed by the industry, the french government or the European Commission.

The general philosophy is to assist the drivers in order to improve safety, comfort and efficiency of road transport. The ultimate goal is to remove completely the driver from the control loop, at least in particular situations such as dedicated freeways and at low speed in urban situations.

This site presents the activities of this research group as well as information concerning other similar research activities throughout the world and topics concerning the future of road transport.

LaRA - Member labs

LaRA - Groups

The research work conducted within LaRA is organized in thematic groups. The most active ones are:

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